The wide range of window blinds available in the market features various materials, colour schemes, textures and patterns. The latest blinds in Exeter are fitted with technologies like easy-to-pull and automation to make life easier.

Are you thinking about which to choose, vertical or horizontal blinds? How do vertical blinds differ from horizontal blinds?

When is it good to use the vertical blind in case of horizontal blinds? What are the benefits of using the vertical blinds over the horizontal ones? In this blog, you will learn how to make the right choice.

What Are The Major Differences Of Vertical Blinds And Horizontal Blinds?

As by the name, the vertical blinds have vertical slats. They have vanes or slats that run left from right rather than from top to bottom in case of horizontal blinds.

The vertical blinds are installed sideways while the horizontal ones are installed slide up and down. The opening mechanisms of each one of these varieties are different as well. As the horizontal blinds are lifted from the bottom, they typically have a cord and pulley system.

On the other hand, the horizontal blinds are too heavy and cannot be manipulated manually. The best part is that the vertical blinds can cover the entire space.

The long slats of vertical blinds are best for broad windows and doors. The horizontal blinds are best for smaller, taller and narrower windows. The long slat of the vertical blinds promotes a feeling of spaciousness and height, giving more light to filter in when they are opened.

The vertical blinds for windows are stacked to the side when they are open. They create an exposed window for light to come through as well as for an unobstructed view.

Which Windows Are Best Suited For Vertical Blinds?

Only some windows are best for vertical blinds; they are best suited for sliding doors and large bay windows that are tough to cover with other window treatments. Vertical blinds are practical for any window or door with a wide opening. Some places where vertical blinds are best to fit-

  • Large French doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Wide windows
  • Bay windows
  • Large-sized windows
  • Patio doors
  • Large windows or doors in the conservatory

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