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Curtain Insulation

A thick pair of curtains is perhaps the most obvious option for winter-proofing any room (or door!) in your home. They keep out the cold and can finish a room perfectly.

With the nights drawing in and the days getting chillier, there’s no better time to cosy down and winter-proof your home.

Find all the inspiration for your winter upgrade here and browse some of our curtains and blinds in our gallery for for your winter warmer Inspiration.

Ideas that make all the difference!

Dressed on floor curtains or just kissing the floor for no nasty drafts.

Blackout, Thermal or interlined your curtains will lock in the heat and keep the fold out. Even better double up with thermal and interlining for those extra drafts doors and windows.

Velvet curtains not only add a touch of luxury but they are a fab insulator too.

Boxed top pelmets to seal in the window, stopping the cold air escaping out the top.

Return the curtains back to the wall, further sealing the gaps or run the curtains from wall to wall.

Room dividers can be used to insulate a room and reduce it’s size. In the past we have fitted a track along the width of a room and run a single curtain along it, halving it so in the winter the client could close off a section of the room and reduce it’s size, it worked an absolutely treat. With a fire lit he could keep the smaller area warm and reduced his heating bills.

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