Are you looking for beautiful curtains to elevate the beauty of your home? You can probably go for made-to-measure curtains for the best ones. You can choose from different designs that fit your budget. Having a good set of curtains not only keeps your windows concealed and offers you privacy but also keeps the sunlight out. They are undoubtedly more expensive than ready-made ones but trust us; they are all worth it. Here’s what makes bespoke curtains the best options.

Five Key Benefits of Bespoke Curtains

Value For Money:

Like all other handmade products, tailor-made curtains also cost higher. This is because of the fabric. No two ordered made-to-measure curtains are the same, and the amount and fabric type also vary. Hence, the use of smaller amounts of different fabrics to make the end product eventually increases its price. But, its durability and finishing are much better than the ready-made ones. They offer value for money in the long term.

Customised Home Interior:

Tailor-made curtains allow you to choose fabrics and designs that blend well with your interior. For example, traditional interior home decor is popular for its intricate details, such as pleated headings and heavier curtain fabrics. It allows you to customise every aspect of the fabric design, which is not possible for ready-made curtains. You will be spoilt for choices with made-to-measure curtains.

Specialised Curtain Headings:

There are different headings styles, each of which has some uniqueness. Some popular heading types include eyelets, double pinch pleats, triple pinch pleats, tab tops, pencil pleats, waves etc. Going for bespoke options allows you to choose any heading you prefer for your curtains.


Ready-made curtains make finding matching accessories like cushions and tie-backs difficult to find. However, this is not the same case with tailor-made curtains. You can get matching accessories quite easily in the same fabric and colour. Hence, you don’t have to compromise with your home interiors.

Better Functionality:

We all have our own requirements related to the functions of curtains. Some people prefer the ones that block lights out completely, and some partially. It’s the curtain’s linings that determine these functions. The typical varieties of lining include standard, acoustic, blackout, and thermal. With ready-made curtains, it’s also not easy to find a set offering the fabric style as per your preferences.

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