Do you know that curtains transform the look of your entire living room? The long, darker panels can give a moody and comfortable atmosphere, while the soft sheers will make the living space look light and breezy. If you need help picking the best curtains in Exeter for your living room, go through this blog that will help you make the right decision.

How You Can Choose the Right Curtains for Your Living Room

When choosing curtains for your living space, choose one that depends on the function. Are you looking for curtains that will block the light or help in creating privacy? If so, you need to search for similar window treatments. If you buy the decorative curtains, you will get many options out there.

  • To maintain privacy, you need to choose living room drapes that will cover the windows. You can go for the alternative options and then layer the blinds or window shades under the curtains. It will help you choose the curtain depending on aesthetics rather than privacy.
  • The drapes will control the light and require a thicker fabric.
  • Sheers will let plenty of light come in and block the harsh direct sun.
  • You can pick medium-sized fabrics like linen that let some light enter but less than the sheers.
  • The heavier fabrics with the lining fabric will block out the natural light. The blackout curtains are the best option in this case, with a unique lining that keeps the sunlight away.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind when choosing curtains

  • Consider all the windows together. For the room to look cohesive, all the window treatments should hang from the same height and have the same length.
  • The window height can vary. You must look the same, but it does not mean they are. There might be a few inches of difference. Be sure to measure how far the window is from the ceiling. Use the closest to the ceiling, as this measurement is for all heights of the windows when it comes to installing the curtain hardware.
  • If you want to measure the right size of each window, you need to measure the top edge of the window mould for the window sill. Measure the horizontal dimension from the window outside of the moulding.

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